Thursday, November 09, 2006

ESL Music Video Hits Website Reflection

The ESL Music Video Hits was an attempt at starting up something I can add to in the future. I have many other songs to put up that have videos to go along. About 20 more but innitially I became overwhelmed by the slow process of how to actually get the website happening. There seemed to be a lot of little fiddly things within geocities, some became obvious and straightforward but even at the end I didn't really understand how to get a photo exactly where I wanted it. I even sent a letter off the Geocities but they had no idea either. Somehow it did fall into place in the end. Overall I feel the website is just a beginning of what is possible. The lesson plans are the second most time consuming thing here besides the actual making of the website and I managed to get two up but would have liked to have one for each song. I think as I begin teaching this will develop.
Thanks to suggestions from Jo and Helen who were very helpful in giving me tips for a better website.
Overall the graphics worked well in the end and visually it looked good. Using video although not a problem for the three of us assessing the site could possibly be a barrier for some learners who may have a slower computer.
Use of authentic material was a good motivational approach but if I had had more time I would have integrated vocabulary and cultural exercises to increase the depth of learning within each song. I like the idea that more opportunities for learning could be added such as crosswords etc. I wouldn't have chose to do all the same type of exercises as the others,although this was interesting, I think it can get a bit repetative so perhaps a variety of exercises within different songs.
Having to print up material could be seen as a fault as it was not all inclusive but I think using songs one would be more likely to want to take the words away with them to practice. I also intentionally increased the amount of "real communication" for students by suggesting they get in groups or discuss with others the song. I don't think interacting with a computer to comment on feelings about a song would give learning experience as as rich as a more interactive approach would.
I should have left the "lesson plan" link off of the songs I had not yet added lesson plans to as this could be a bit confusing for people accessing site.
Teaching my first Enlish class at TAFE on Monday and you'll never guess what I'll be teaching? Yes Music!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Who needs a hug? - Free Hugs!

Where I'm From ...Vancouver!

Hi again! Just thought I would add some photos from home. This is Vancouver! Missing bike rides around Stanley park to the right of this photo.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Hi everyone! Have finished my assignment for Jane. I found all the Art organisations that combine Art and ESL. Heaps of great stuff , some with lesson plans. The Getty and Frist Center are particularly good. Emily Carr Website has heaps of teaching backup info. re: grammar etc. Here they are if interested check them out.

Academy of Art University
San Francisco, USA
ESL Classes

Emily Carr Institute
Art – Design – Media
Vancouver, Canada
ESL Through Art and Design

Frist Center for the Visual Arts and Nashville Library
Nashville, Tennessee
Project Access for adult English-language learners

The Getty
Los Angeles
ESL Outreach

Liverpool Multicultural Resource Centre
Liverpool, Sydney, Australia
English Classes

Museum of Contemporary Art
Sydney, Australia
ESL and NESB Programs

NY Smarts
New York
NY ESL Tutoring Program

RMIT University
Melbourne, Australia
Foundation Studies – Art, Design and Architecture;ID=64zdapul6k4u

St. Giles Language School
London, England
English for Art and Design

University of the Arts
Camberwell College of the Arts
London, England
English for Creative Purposes

The Vancouver Art Gallery
Vancouver, Canada
ESL Self-Guide Tour Packages

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Look Inside....

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Quicksmart off and running

Yes the journey is in motion...